I am a recent graduate of the Product Design BA Programme at Central Saint Martin’s.

I have had the great fortune of growing up across the world, having so far spent formative time in South Asia, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. My experience in these regions has given me a profound appreciation for diversity, community, culture and the meaningfulness of our differences.

My approach to design, much like my upbringing, is informed by a diversity of experience. I trained as an industrial designer, but my passions and inspirations include graphic design, creative programming, machine-learning, architecture, fashion and music with clients ranging from the Ministry of Justice to Asics. Intimate knowledge of these areas has aided my communication, contextualisation and formulation of concepts with an understanding of both the micro and macro.

The ideological basis of my practice is to engage the concerns and methods that these diverse fields hold in common, rather than assuming their difference in a truly inter-disciplinary manner. Thereby forming an astute and nuanced approach to creating work that is aware of the socio-political, economic and ecological landscape it operates within.

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